Hegemony Update March 28, 2007

Longbow Digital Arts continues to develop Hegemony: Philip of Macedon with an expected launch date of Summer 2007.

Author: Random Chaos
TMapper 2 Released March 28, 2007

Joey (aka Killer, aka Boomstick Joe) has released an updated version of Dreamer's TMapper application. Designed to edit maps for Tread Marks, this is the modding tool you will want for playing with your tanks.

It has been updated to be compliant with Java 6 and Java3D 1.5 libraries, as well as numerous improvements in the interface.

Click here to download.

Author: Random Chaos
Hegemony: Philip of Macedon forthcoming! June 20, 2005

Longbow Digital Arts, the makers of Tread Marks, have announced a new game: Hegemony: Philip of Macedon.

This is a RTS (Real-time Strategy) game designed using a new and innovative 3D landscape engine developed by Longbow Digital Arts. Check out the screenshots!

Author: Random Chaos
Server Crash June 20, 2005

The server that hosted this site crashed over the weekend. We are currently undergoing recovery.

Due to the crash we have lost many of the mods from the FTP server. A backup of every mod exists! However, due to bandwidth issues (I am on a modem) re-uploading the mods will be postponed for approximately one week until I get broadband (YAY!).

Based on the contents of the FTP server, it appears that "most" maps survived (except for the master packs), all flags survived, and all mods from 2003-2005 survived. However, all weapons, tanks, and patches have vanished and will have to be resurected from my archive.

Also note: FTnCD mod is no longer in the database. This will be fixed in the near future. Until then you can retreive it from here.

Author: Random Chaos
Progress June 2, 2004

We are open for business, however the following sections do not work yet:

- Renders Subsection
- Map Downloads
- Application/Patch Downloads
- Some items of Packs/Conversions

Author: Random Chaos
New Site In Progress June 1, 2004

Several items:

1. If links and downloads do not work, don't worry. Most files have not been uploaded yet.

2. If anyone has the latest TeamCTF files please contact me ( When Killer's site went down I did not have a copy of the latest versions of his mods.

3. If any sorts, author associations, link associations, etc do not work please do not tell me. This is an artifact of not being able to get a database dump of the latest database from Killer's site.

Thanks for your patience,
Random Chaos

Author: Random Chaos

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